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Valentine Serenade


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Do you wish to serenade someone with your love? Sweep them off their feet when you send them 7 gifts for each of the 7 days of love of Valentine Week. The Valentine Serenade- Chota Pyar Badi Khushi comprises of courier gifts delivered in a single box with seperate instructions for each day. 

  1. Day 1- Rose Day- Gold Plated Rose
  2. Day 2- Propose Day- Teddy with Ring
  3. Day 3- Chocolate Day- Imported Choco Basket
  4. Day 4- Teddy Day- Teddy with Heart
  5. Day 5- Promise Day- Message in a Bottle Box
  6. Day 6- Hug Day- Heart Cushion
  7. Day 7- Kiss Day- Small Mug with Heart
  8. Day 8- Valentine Day- Artificial Rose Bouquet

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