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Fantastic Jade Terrarium

₹599 Ex Tax: ₹599

The combination of a Jade plant and a round glass vase is just awesome to suit any interiors of your house.Put it on a wooden centre table,or on the corner shelf,it will only enhan..

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I Love My Wife

₹781 Ex Tax: ₹781


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Lovely Secculent

₹799 Ex Tax: ₹799

Add a special touch of class with this secculent plant with a white frog ceramic pot and change the look of your special ones' surroundings. It gives a fascinating appearance with ..

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Soothe Your Soul

₹999 Ex Tax: ₹999

Do you know that many gardeners joke about the Sedum plant and call it Stonecrop due to the fact that only stones can thrive through all weather conditions? Yes, this succulent is ..

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Two Layered Bamboo Luck

₹499 Ex Tax: ₹499

The positive effect of the Lucky Bamboo plant differs with the number of Bamboo stalks. Two layered lucky Bamboo is an expression of love and is also said to double your luck. This..

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